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“DO HARD THINGS”......a number of years ago when I was homeschooling my son Matt, I heard a radio interview of the author of a new book titled, DO HARD was written by a homeschool dad who wanted to encourage his two sons to aim high in life, and to embrace challenges, and not to settle for comfortable mediocrity. Needless to say, we purchased and read the book. Over the years that simple phrase has been my secret motto....when I’m struggling with something especially tedious or difficult, find myself often whispering that simple phrase....”do hard things”, and it somehow helps me, strengthens my resolve, and assures me that the effort will be worth it. I learned early on as a young artist that there would never be anyone cracking the whip telling me to get to work creating...I knew that I would need to find the fire within me that would drive my creative pursuits....and I knew that self-motivation would be key. I would need to know how to challenge myself, to push the limits and reach for the truly be an artist, I would need to be willing to DO HARD THINGS.


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